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New Pearl District Park “The Fields” Could be an Ideal Outdoor Venue

By: Kayse Dahl



Having a wedding reception at Pure Space can now be described as not only a walk in the park, but a walk from the park. The Fields Park was recently opened a stone’s throw away from the urban-chic venue, Pure Space, on SW Overton. A modern design on 3.2 acres in The Pearl District, The Fields may be an optimal site for couples looking for an outside ceremony, and an indoor reception without having to budget for two different venues, and while helping guests avoid the hassle of traveling to and finding a second venue, but also parking at a new destination downtown. Parking in the area surrounding Pure Space and The Fields is exceptional—with 600 available spaces, close proximity to the Portland street car line, and more. Guests will easily find a space to attend the ceremony at The Fields, then make the two minute 49 second walk down to Pure Space to celebrate the nuptials!


Benefits of a Park Wedding at The Fields and an Amenity Ridden Reception at Pure Space:

Best of Both Worlds: Many couples disagree on an indoor/outdoor wedding, and marriage is all about compromise! Hosting the ceremony at The Fields and the reception at Pure Space lets you and your guests enjoy both environments, without making a cumbersome pilgrimage and having an “R” rated conversation with a smartphone GPS trying to locate the second venue.

Impressively Inexpensive- The City of Portland reserves a one acre plot for 160 dollars, plus an 80 dollar application fee. A ceremony venue for 240 dollars? No, this is not a joke, nor is it the best part. The City allows only one wedding per park, per day. This means you have the entire day to set-up and take down ceremony décor at your leisure. The reserved one acre space allows for 100 guests. Electricity and amplified sound is also possible, see the City website for full details. The savings on the ceremony venue allows you to focus your budget on rentals and Pure Space—the reception venue.

Completely Customizable- The Fields Park, unlike many city parks, is surrounded by buildings and landscape that is neutral in color. It is often recommended that outdoor weddings strive to match shades of nearby construction and vegetation—incorporating the colors in flower arrangements, décor, and seat covers. With the modern design and neutrality of The Fields however, any hue will do! The same sentiments are true for a reception at Pure Space. The space has a reputation for being impeccably versatile and customizable.

Dog Friendly- So many couples would like to include their canines in the ceremony, though not all venues are fido friendly. Hosting a ceremony in a park, like The Fields, is a wonderful option that easily accommodates dogs. In fact, according to an article by The Oregonian, The Fields is the first of the City’s 33 off-leash dog parks built specifically with an area for dogs in mind.

Find out what Rentals/Decor WCEP recommends for a Park Wedding!


How Businesses are Creating Buzz and Impacting their Bottom Line

Anniversaries are often an over looked celebratory opportunity—not only by forgetful significant others, but businesses as well! This however, according to  BizBash, is beginning to change. Businesses’ marketing strategies are constantly evolving to synchronize with society’s current trends and values, and with the recent implementation of “comfort marketing” strategies that have become effective in light of poor economic conditions, businesses are beginning to take advantage of tactics involved in comfort marketing—one of which, is celebrating anniversaries. Hosting an Anniversary celebration allows a business to not only recognize achievements and success internally, but to share these triumphs, organizational values, and the history of the business with the public. Activities associated with anniversay celebrations are something everyone enjoys and can relate to. Looking at old photos and providing anecdotes ignite a sense of nostalgia—hence the correlation to the term “comfort marketing”. Including customers and clients in such a celebration and providing them with what typically sits as dormant insider knowledge, such as quirky facts about the founder, or photos of “the old location” back in 1973, makes them feel personally invested in the business as if they too have been there from the beginning, and thus, the business becomes one they are more likely to support. Celebrating an anniversary has value for an organization’s bottom line, enhancing customer relations, and providing a platform to project organizational values and a positive, tailored image. Not to mention, it’s just a great excuse to host a party!

How to Celebrate Your Organization’s Anniversary: Does your organization have…

Customers? Anniversary events are a great time to introduce a promotion, or release an exclusive anniversary product. Send out advertisements for your anniversary promotion that resembles an anniversary card you would send a loved one. Bring in custom designed décor to decorate your storefront and add a special element to your space during the anniversary celebration. West Coast designers have made countless décor pieces that help capture the essence of an organization, what could boost your celebration?

Clients? OR Donors/Supporters? Showcasing not only your successes overtime during an anniversary, but showing appreciation for the clients or donors that have helped you along the way can really strengthen relationships, and provide an opportunity to get to know your constituents better. Hosting an anniversary gala with a lavish (or modest, depending on your organization, and the perception of your donors) celebration with cocktails and a sit-down dinner shows that you recognize their contribution to the organization’s success, and you appreciate it. The event is two-fold, celebrating the anniversary while simultaneously sending a message of “thanks” to supporters. Hosting a silent auction to benefit the organization, or distributing awards to exceptional employees or donors and volunteers are other anniversary event inclusions worth considering. Again, these strategies come back to effective comfort marketing, which focuses on making constituents feel part of the organization and frankly, warm and fuzzy!

No matter if you’re celebrating six months or 50 years, there are always good reasons to host an anniversary event. Get creative, think about how an event can help boost your business and showcase your accomplishments while showing your customers, clients, and donors appreciation for their support! Now, what can West Coast do to support your anniversary event?



By: Kayse Dahl

WCEP Partners with Local and Green Ticketing Service

WCEP’s urban-chic venue, Pure Space, has partnered with Ticket Tomato  as the venue’s preferred ticketing service due to the service’s exceptional and proven customer service, dedication to green and sustainable operations, and fair ticket pricing. Ticket Tomato was founded by local saxophonist, Patrick Lamb, who utilizes wind power as a sustainable marketing and ticketing partner to Pure Space clients.  Ticket Tomato maintains similar partnerships with Jimmy Mak’s, the Waterfront Blues Festival, Douglas County Fairgrounds, FashioNXT and various other venues and organizations that recognize the ticket service’s benefits. Ticket Tomato stands as Pure Space’s preferred ticketing service, as the organization upholds the elevated standards Pure Space wishes to extend clients. We look forward to working with and supporting an organization as dedicated to customer service and local business as WCEP.

Learn about Organizing Ticketing Services through Ticket Tomato 

By: Kayse Dahl

Bridgetown Bash- Pure Space Turned Portland for Vital Life Fundraiser

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Bridgetown Bash guests were given a true taste of Portland Friday, June 28th, at the Vital Life Foundation’s annual fundraiser at Pure Space. Popular Portland food carts, The Dump Truck, Tamale Boy, Whiffies Fried Pies, and 808 Grind are a tasting of the food carts that lined up outside of Pure Space to nourish Vital Life supporters as they enjoyed a rousing Flip Cup Tournament, tricycle races, and a passionately belted rendition of “Don’t Stop Believin’” among other quintessential Portland activities. Returning to Pure Space for a second year, Vital Life celebrated the fundraiser bash with the same “Portland” theme as the year prior, as the city provides endless decor inspiration, and Pure Space provides the perfect venue to portray the PDX experience.

“It’s perfect!” said Mary Amick, Foundation Director, about the venue. “Its’ (Pure Space) open, edgy, and with West Coast’s creativity with the Portland theme, it’s just perfect!”

The West Coast Event Productions team captured the essence of Portland, by designing a nearly 40 foot tall urban backdrop with familiar buildings and Portland attractions such as Powell’s Bookstore. In each corner of Pure Space, stood an iconic bridge, Burnside, Hawthorn, St. John, and Sellwood. Guests were made to feel as though they were on a walking tour of the whole city—while never leaving The Pearl District, or even the venue! These custom iconic Portland decor elements stand to be popular rentals for various themed events.

A group of Vital Life supporters were given a sneak-peak of Pure Space turned Portland the evening prior to the event. WCEP made accommodations for the Vital Life crew to rehearse their rendition of Journey’s classic ballot, “Don’t Stop Believin’” which was performed as the introduction to the fundraiser’s paddle auction. Pure Space is often able to make special arrangements for clients requesting access to the space prior to the event. After all, when it comes to performances such as this, practice makes perfect! Last year, the Vital Life team broke out in a flash mob flash dance to celebrate the commencement of the auction, and thus decided that this year’s auction would be best introduced through song! Aside from the paddle auction, an “experience auction” and raffle also took place. All generously donated, the “experience auction” items included activities worth experiencing, such as wine tasting, and cooking class certificates. The raffle item also sounded like an experience…a three day training session with a professional race car driver! These items, along with ticket sales helped raise over 500,000 dollars—exceeding this year’s goal.

Amick stated that the Bridgetown Bash fundraiser is relied upon to fund 60 percent of the foundation’s annual income, making the event’s success immensely important to Vital Life supporters, and those who rely on the nonprofit for their programs and services. WCEP was happy to help facilitate such a significant evening for such a deserving cause.

The Vital Life Foundation plays a vital role in the lives of many seniors in Oregon—providing opportunities and services that reintroduce meaning and vitality to the lives of long-term residents and the employees who provide them with care. The overarching mission ultimately supports a broad spectrum of services that range from contributing to other charities long-term residents identify as significant and meaningful causes, such as the Alzheimer’s Association, to programs that facilitate trips to Washington D.C. for World War II veterans and their caregivers, to show veterans appreciation for their great contribution. Charles, “Ted” Altman is one such veteran that has benefitted from Vital Life’s resources, having been given the opportunity to travel to the nation’s capital through the foundation.

Nick-named “The Shooter” during the war as a 17 year old combatant with 37 confirmed strikes, Altman spoke about his World War II experience during the fundraiser, before the 1,000 dollar level paddle raise—as it is costs 1,000 dollars for each veteran that makes the trip to D.C. Over 600 guests attending the Bridgetown Bash, an inspiring increase from last year’s fundraiser, listened as Altman spoke, dominating the room with his tale of courage and recovery, and reminding guests about the important cause they were there to support.  Today Altman is active in the community, sharing his war stories in schools.

With the spirit and energy brought by the Vital Life Foundation team, and the creativity and expertise of West Coast Event Productions, the Bridgetown Bash annual fundraiser is building a reputation as not only a great cause to support, but as great time to be had! WCEP looks forward to working with Vital Life in the future, and the feeling is mutual!

“I believe good business is built on good relationships” said Amick, “and we have a great relationship with West Coast.”

By: Kayse Dahl