A “Must Attend” Event: Fitness Fashion Show by Fit Right Benefiting Oregon Active

By: Kayse Dahl

Fitness, fashion, and compassion—all common values among Portlander’s, and all reasons to attend the upcoming Fitness Fashion Show at Pure Space. Guests at the Fitness Fashion Show will enjoy cocktails, music, fashion, discounts, and the opportunity to purchase exclusive apparel on-site. Twelve vendors including Nike, Lucy, and The North Face, will be present to show and sell looks while guests enjoy the fashion, shopping, and mingling experience all the while, supporting a cause worth-while.

Local community fitness apparel store, Fit Right, will be producing the show with the support of Nike as the title sponsor, to benefit Oregon Active—a local nonprofit that facilitates adventure programs for individuals with impairments and disabilities. Adventure programs strive to “inspire through positive emotion, challenges, community support and a connection with the natural world that refreshes the human spirit.” Oregon Active’s Adventure Programs have touched many, and have certainly inspired Fit Right founder, Dave Sobolik.

“I’ve worked with other nonprofits before, but it’s really the first time I have been so passionate about one,” said Sobolik about Oregon Active. Having a rich background in health and wellness, the nonprofit and the recipients of the Adventure Programs “struck a chord” with the Fit Right founder producing the Fitness Fashion Show benefit. Sobolik founded Fit Right in 2000, with a very similar mission of creating an organization that encourages healthful living and strives to make a genuine contribution to the local community.

“Most of our (Fit Right’s) retail apparel and products can be purchased anywhere, but people come to Fit Right for the community and the creative side that you don’t get elsewhere” said Sobolik in describing Fit Right’s unique shopping experience, and why the store’s involvement with Oregon Active is complimentary to the retailer’s overarching goal of community and wellness integration.

After learning about the Oregon Active recipient of the Fitness Fashion Shows’ proceeds, it is clear what Sobolik found so inspiring about the cause and this recipient. Ticket sales and fitness fashion purchases will aid Seth McBride, a quadriplegic, on his hand cycling journey to Argentina this coming fall. McBride will be accompanied by his girlfriend, and a videographer that will capture this ambitious adventure on film. Sobolik intends to produce the benefit fashion show annually, in demonstration of his continued passion and support for Oregon Active. Next years’ show will include the premiere of the documentary that will be filmed of McBride’s journey—enabling this year’s inaugural fashion show attendees to see the adventure come full circle; an adventure made possible through their support of the Fitness Fashion Show as well as Fit Right, and Nike’s contribution.

Sobolik’s ambition of making the Fitness Fashion Show an annual event is the precise reason for selecting Pure Space as the venue. Sobolik believes the versatility and location of Pure Space is optimal for the fashion show’s expansion and growth in coming years. With a capacity of 1,000 and a beautifully malleable design, Pure Space extends endless possibilities of enhancement and development for annual events. The Fit Right founder has also worked with West Coast Event Productions and account manager DJ Smith prior to this occasion, in connection with Fit Right’s Lacamas Lake Half Marathon—one of many community running events organized by the store. Sobolik rang Smith’s praise, describing the West Coast account manager as, “fantastic, patient, and respectful”. Smith looks forward to having the opportunity to work with Fit Right’s founder again in executing this fun night of fashion, music, nibbles, sips, good deeds, and inspiration.

Features of the Fitness Fashion Show

•             Fashion: Various trendy fitness lines including Nike, The North Face, lucy…see full list

•             Music: Brian O’Dell—pleasantly described as “Dave Matthews-like”

•             Cocktails/Wine Wall: Donate $20 and select a brown bag from the wine wall to receive a $20 to $100 bottle!

•             First 100 people receive goodie bags

•             Be among the first to see the new line of Lifestyle apparel introduced by Fit Right

•             Over $5,000 in Raffle Prizes

•             See models who are every day, local Portlanders!—runners, walkers, fitness studio owners…

Purchase tickets today to ensure you don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this fabulous night of fitness and fashion while supporting Oregon Active, and Seth McBride on his courageous journey that encompasses what Portland values. Tickets are limited, see you at Pure Space Saturday, September 20th.

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