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The Art of Weddings 2014

The Art of Weddings Show has been an anticipated bridal event since the beginning in 2004, when founder Alexis Turk sought out to produce a “swankier” wedding show with the “best vendors in Portland, Oregon”. This year’s Art of Wedding Show was held at the Gerding Theater. West Coast Event Productions were among the diverse array of wedding vendors, including Venus Allure Salon & Spa, August Veils, and Jennifer Alyse Photography.

Engaged couples meandered about the the Gerding Theater, making acquaintances with wedding vendors and getting their wedding wheels turning before viewing  a bridal fashion show. West Coast Event Productions provided the runway show provisions and displayed a table setting showcasing new wedding rental inventory from Beverly Hills. West Coast Event Production’s Art of Weddings table display featured bohemian gold crystal stemware, vintage flatware and china, and gold candelabras. View any wedding Pinterest board or bridal blog, and the popularity of gold adornments and tableware will be undoubtedly apparent. Wedding photographer, Jennifer Alyse, who shot The Art of Wedding Show, agrees and explains what is so desirable about the trendy, yet classic wedding color scheme

“The most aesthetic, photogenic table pieces and settings are those with dimension, different textures and the incorporation of subtle touches. I am really seeing beautiful champagne, peach and rose gold as trends for this coming wedding season” said Jennifer.

Photos courtesy of Jennifer Alyse Wedding Photography. 

Guest Experience: Time is of the Essence

Considering guest experience from entry to exit is vital in order to keep guests engaged, and achieve the driving goal set for attendees and the event. Identifying the overarching goal can help dictate many of the details that impact guest experience—from décor and menus, to music selection and event flow.

The guest goal for a wedding reception is to ensure friends and family bid farewell feeling they have shared a special experience with the bride and groom, and enjoyed themselves. For a corporate event, the goal may be to educate employees about company policies, or a new venture in the making. Nonprofits must concisely convey their mission during an event; the goal being that communicating the organization’s mission will persuade guests to support their cause. Regardless of the various guest goals that exist, there is one key element of guest experience that must be considered across the board—ensuring there are no distractions to hinder the chance of meeting goals by keeping attendees engaged.

Art of Catering staff was there to fill this Self Enhancement gala guest's glass before she knew it was empty. SEI raised over $600,000 that evening. Guests were well taken care of; keeping their attention on the program, and the auction.

What is this key consideration? Time and timeliness. These are not a new concepts, though time and time again, time is overlooked. Time of day, what time food will be served, when the program, presentation or speech begins all substantially impact guest experience, and help dictate whether guests remain engaged, or take a mind stroll. Where are your guests arriving from? Will they be hungry? How promptly will food be served? How long is the cocktail reception prior to the program beginning? Will guests retain important messages if the cocktail hour lags on, and drinks have been flowing? Was enough networking or mingling time allotted, or will guests be disgruntled and reluctant to listen when their conversations have been cut unnecessarily short for a presentation?


A Magical Night for Self Enhancement Inc.

 Self Enhancement Inc. celebrated the nonprofit’s first annual major fundraiser, combining two events from years past, at the Pure Space and Flex Space Portland venue Saturday, February 22. The nonprofit serving local at risk youth, was the first West Coast Event Productions client to utilize both Pure Space and Flex Space venues, turning the combined 22,000 plus square foot exclusive venue into a “A Magical Night of Wonder”, complete with aerial performers, jugglers, and a man on stilts! Regal red, and gold organza dominated the color pallet throughout the linen and enchanting lighting design, though it was the Self Enhancement student performers that stole the show. The harmonious sounds of 50 plus members of the SEI choir and band, populated with students from 13 different Portland public schools, rang throughout Pure Space, and delighted guests that donated a total of 607,000.00 to the nonprofit that evening. West Coast Event Productions donated a curricular truss structure with state of the art speakers hung in the center of the 40 foot ceiling to facilitate optimal sound to every corner of the room.

Self Enhancement Inc.’s programs positively impact hundreds of kids in the Portland community. Ninety eight percent of SEI students graduate high school in four years, with 85 percent continuing on to pursue higher education. Learn more about SEI’s performing arts, educational, and family and community programs to see how you can contribute to their effort to serve Portland’s youth. WCEP took great pleasure in the opportunity to part of this event, and help support SEI’s mission.

If you’re interested in learning about holding an event in both Pure Space and Flex Space as an exclusive venue, please contact