Two Heads May Not be Better Than One for Event Planning

“Two heads are better than one”? True. “Ten heads are better than two?” False. While various insights and opinions are needed to ensure that all perspectives are considered for successful guest experience, event branding, and other event elements, when each decision is mulled over and pondered by too many people, the planning process can become very inefficient, and with more opinions in the mix, it is more likely that a consensus will not be met. Not only does this make for a lengthy decision making process even for trivial details, and risk diluting the event brand, it invites conflict between those involved with planning the event.

Determining what each planner’s strengths are, how those strengths are applicable to event planning, and empowering them to be decision makers in areas relevant to their skills and experience alleviates prolonged debates and keeps event planning momentum flowing. Have clear assignments as to who will be the decision maker for each portion of the event, and communicate this with the event planner and all vendors involved. This way, vendors know who their point of contact is regarding a particular question, rather than disturbing everyone on the phone-tree.

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