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Favorites of New Years Past

Sharing some favorite events of New Years past at the Bellagio Hotel and Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas, and at  the Skamania Lodge Resort–featuring a Blues Brothers theme. When it comes to New Years, there is no such things as over the top!

Caldera “Stories of Change” Auction

Caldera Art’s annual auction “Stories of Change” was held at Pure Space on November 14th. Guests and supporters bid on fabulous items including a week in Florence, a private dinner party at Widen and Kennedy, and expressions created by Caldera students. Among the items up for bid, were pieces from the “Progressive Platter Project”. Student participants collectively paint ceramic platters as part of the project–passing platters every ten minutes to a new student artist until the piece is complete.

Pure Space evolved into a natural northwest venue, with wooden plank centerpieces, noble fir props, wooden urban-farmer bars, and mason-jar chandeliers under the mezzanine. Blue lighting filled the space like a northwest blue sky while emcee, Storm Large, hosted the program.

Caldera brings children and artists from the country and city together to discover untapped talents, confidence and opportunities for at-risk children through the arts. Learn more about Caldera’s youth programs, and year-round effort to cultivate a positive and inspiring environment for established and emerging artists as a “catalyst for the transformation of underserved youth through innovative year-round art and environmental programs”.




Classic and Timeless King Estate Winery Wedding

Looking back at your wedding years later, you want your wedding day decor to remain as beautiful as ever. Reminiscing over wedding photos should not inspire the same disdain and embarrassment as looking at old prom photos, or yourself years ago with that haircut that was just so “trendy” that it was in style for a short period of time… for good reason. Bride Whitney Shepard kept this in mind as she worked with West Coast to plan a “timeless, classic, and elegant” wedding at the beautiful King Estates Winery in Eugene, Oregon.

“I wanted to be able to look back ten years from now, and still think it was beautiful” said Shepard. Having worked in the event industry herself, Shepard turned to West Coast to help plan and produce her big day, knowing that West Coast, “Is the top of the tier when it comes to event companies. If there is anything you need or want, chances are West Coast has it. If not, they will make it! You can come with any idea, and know that you will get an A+ end product” said Shepard.

Working with WCEP’s Jessica Lleras, Shepard chose wonderfully unique, yet classic rental and decor elements–including the rather uncommon clear-top tent. Clear top tents are a fabulous choice for outdoor weddings, that allow the natural beauty of the environment to shine in every direction you look. Shepard also noted that clear-top tents is an excellent rental choice in terms of budget, as the skeleton of the tent is unseen; thus evading the cost of covering these components in traditional tents if one so chooses. Dark wood, and neutral colored florals debuted throughout the wedding as another favorite design element, along with the chiffon tent leg drape treatment that added a whimsical and delicate touch to the structure.

In addition to the rentals, decor, and design executed by West Coast, Shepard was also impressed with customer service, describing Jessica and the event production crew as “amazing!”

“Having had experience in the event industry, I know how the set-up and tear-down process of an event can go… and West Coast was so great, and efficient” the new bride continued.

What wedding planning advice does this experienced bride and event professional have to offer? Delegate! In an age of  countless Pinterest and other DIY ideas, your wedding day is not the day to be ambitious about assuming responsibilities. Shepard advises brides and grooms to plan every detail down to the minute–delegating tasks so that you may enjoy your wedding day and simply “let the chips fall where they may”.

Congratulations to Whitney and her new groom! May your love be as timeless as your wedding decor!

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BOO! Halloween is Hiding Right around the Corner…Scared aren’t you?

Be not afraid of the looming deadline to prepare for your All Hallows Eve celebrations, WCEP has all the creepy, crawly, festive rentals you need to turn any space into the Adam’s family living room, a desolate graveyard, or a maze of friendly scarecrows!

Spiderwebs can create an elegant and sophisticated environment, while remaining festive. Consider an all-white theme with black spiders and pops of orange or purple in statement decor pieces. This fiber-optic black curtain provides a little twinkle to a spooky elegant ambiance.

Mid-August is the best time to begin preparing for Halloween events. Whether you’re looking for a trick or treater friendly atmosphere, or want to scare the pants of your guests, here is a taste of our festive decor treats that will sweeten your event, and learn the ultimate Halloween “How-to’s”! 

How-to: Host a Halloween Event that doesn’t Raise Hairs in the Wrong Way
  • Ensure Costume Expectations are Clear: No guest wants to arrive to a costume party without a costume; nor does one wish to show up as big M&M or an Avatar to find everyone else in business casual attire. Set the expectations for dress explicitly in your event invitation. If you’re hoping to create a very festive atmosphere, encourage over the top costumes. If not, express that to guests as well. How your guests are dressed will impact or enhance the atmosphere, and your goal is not to make anyone feel like the two-headed monster in the room (unless that’s the look they are striving for!) See Fun Invitation Ideas
  • Be Aware…of your Guests: Halloween is an awesome holiday to pull out all the stops, with gruesome decor and fun festive witches, though particularly for corporate and public events, keep in mind that not all guests will have stomachs of steel, the courage to sleep without a night light, or beliefs that allow celebration of Halloween. This does not mean you should abandon all things spooky-simply be considerate and moderate if your guests require it. Include more neutral fall or harvest themed decor such as spiderwebs  mentioned above, pumpkins, etc.
  • Include Catering Options that do not come from a Cauldron or Corpse: This coincides with being aware of your guests. Perhaps those with sensitivity to gore may not want wish to snack on appetizers that resemble intestines…include those festive options, along with regular courses and beverages!

Scarecrows are very versatile. Horrifying or friendly they are a staple for seasonal decor, that incorporate seamlessly into any theme.

Graveyard settings make for a great photo op.

See More Great Halloween Event and Party Decor


How Businesses are Creating Buzz and Impacting their Bottom Line

Anniversaries are often an over looked celebratory opportunity—not only by forgetful significant others, but businesses as well! This however, according to  BizBash, is beginning to change. Businesses’ marketing strategies are constantly evolving to synchronize with society’s current trends and values, and with the recent implementation of “comfort marketing” strategies that have become effective in light of poor economic conditions, businesses are beginning to take advantage of tactics involved in comfort marketing—one of which, is celebrating anniversaries. Hosting an Anniversary celebration allows a business to not only recognize achievements and success internally, but to share these triumphs, organizational values, and the history of the business with the public. Activities associated with anniversay celebrations are something everyone enjoys and can relate to. Looking at old photos and providing anecdotes ignite a sense of nostalgia—hence the correlation to the term “comfort marketing”. Including customers and clients in such a celebration and providing them with what typically sits as dormant insider knowledge, such as quirky facts about the founder, or photos of “the old location” back in 1973, makes them feel personally invested in the business as if they too have been there from the beginning, and thus, the business becomes one they are more likely to support. Celebrating an anniversary has value for an organization’s bottom line, enhancing customer relations, and providing a platform to project organizational values and a positive, tailored image. Not to mention, it’s just a great excuse to host a party!

How to Celebrate Your Organization’s Anniversary: Does your organization have…

Customers? Anniversary events are a great time to introduce a promotion, or release an exclusive anniversary product. Send out advertisements for your anniversary promotion that resembles an anniversary card you would send a loved one. Bring in custom designed décor to decorate your storefront and add a special element to your space during the anniversary celebration. West Coast designers have made countless décor pieces that help capture the essence of an organization, what could boost your celebration?

Clients? OR Donors/Supporters? Showcasing not only your successes overtime during an anniversary, but showing appreciation for the clients or donors that have helped you along the way can really strengthen relationships, and provide an opportunity to get to know your constituents better. Hosting an anniversary gala with a lavish (or modest, depending on your organization, and the perception of your donors) celebration with cocktails and a sit-down dinner shows that you recognize their contribution to the organization’s success, and you appreciate it. The event is two-fold, celebrating the anniversary while simultaneously sending a message of “thanks” to supporters. Hosting a silent auction to benefit the organization, or distributing awards to exceptional employees or donors and volunteers are other anniversary event inclusions worth considering. Again, these strategies come back to effective comfort marketing, which focuses on making constituents feel part of the organization and frankly, warm and fuzzy!

No matter if you’re celebrating six months or 50 years, there are always good reasons to host an anniversary event. Get creative, think about how an event can help boost your business and showcase your accomplishments while showing your customers, clients, and donors appreciation for their support! Now, what can West Coast do to support your anniversary event?



By: Kayse Dahl

The Art Institute of Portland Senior Collection Fashion Show

The esteemed Art Institute of Portland (AI) hosted the “Drawing the Line” Fashion Show at Pure Space Saturday, June 1st. Featuring collections from graduating seniors, the show is perpetually described as one of the most dynamic in the city. This year’s theme “Drawing the Line” incorporated work from the Art Institute’s animation department, in addition to the Graphic Design, Culinary, Advertising, Fashion Marketing, Design Management, Photography, and Digital Film & Video departments. The concept of “Drawing the Line” was inspired by the notion that fashion touches all aspects of life. The collaboration between the fashion and the animation students manifested into intricate paper dresses that were displayed on mannequins down the center of the runway—place savers for what would later be a trail for models adorned with original designs by AI designers. The purpose of the annual show is not only to introduce graduating designers, soon to be recognized as influential and prominent figures in the local industry, but also to support the Art Institute’s Creative Scholarship program through a silent auction.

Planning for the annual fashion show begins six to nine months in advance, as the production requires significant detail and consideration from both the Art Institute, and West Coast Event Productions.  Image magnification, extensive staging, piping, draping, meticulous sound, lighting, and audio visual components, were all executed by West Coast Event Productions, who has been part of AI’s senior collection show for a number of years.

“All elements of a fashion show really go hand in hand” said Art Institute Student Producer, MaryAnn Escutia, when asked which aspects were most pertinent to making the event a success. “If we didn’t have the right music paired with it (the fashion show), it won’t present well. If we don’t have the right lights, the garments won’t show well. If the setting isn’t just right with decor and coverage, then we don’t present ourselves well. Everything has to work together in order to be just right” Escutia continued, which is why West Coast works meticulously to ensure delivery of the best quality sound, lighting, and production possible to show case the talented students work.

West Coast’s successful execution of the annual event has brought the Art Institute back to Pure Space for the past three consecutive years. In addition to West Coast’s exceptional Audio Visual and lighting technicians and equipment, the Art Institute identifies Pure Space as an ideal venue for the Fashion Show, further supporting their consistent decision to collaborate with West Coast for the significant event.

“Pure Space offers us the versatility for the layout that we want, and the beauty of the space speaks for itself. It is the right size for our show and the amount of guests we have. It gives us the availability to separate our event just perfectly—with the show downstairs, and the silent auction and VIP upstairs on the mezzanine. Above all, the atmosphere is what I love about Pure Space” said Escutia, describing the venue. “It creates this energy that is so captivating and welcoming. It gives us that feeling of being with 1,000 of our closest friends in a relaxed setting. Other venues provide corporate settings and don’t give us the energy that a show like ours deserves. The space is big enough to fit everyone comfortably, and small enough to bring us all together. It truly is my favorite venue for this show.”

Like the Art Institute’s aspiring designers’ page, Pure Space started as a clean slate. Preparations for the intricate and sizable production began Thursday, prior to the event, when crews began setting lighting to ensure the most favorable ambiance possible to showcase the designers’ pieces as they flowed down the center runway. While strategic, lighting remained modest compared to the majority of events at Pure Space that take advantage of the venue’s amazing lighting equipment and capabilities. House lights gleamed, in addition to carefully set bulbs positioned to illuminate the models and the pieces by creating an enhancing shadow effect. Décor was kept minimal aside from the pieces created by the fashion and animation students that extended the length of the runway before the show began.

Image Magnification played an integral role in the show. With the runway positioned down the center of the space with guests seated on either side, I mag projections allowed the audience to view the looks coming down the runway not only from a side profile, but on-coming frontals as well. A camera positioned at the end of the runway filmed the models as they sashayed down the runway—feeding the image on screens directly in front of each audience on both sides.  This ensured the audience was able to evaluate and take in each collection and movement of the pieces from all angles and perspectives.

The 700 guests enjoyed cocktails and nibbles, while mingling upstairs on the mezzanine in the silent auction and VIP area. Many of the guests were Art Institute of Portland alumni, while others were Portland fashionistas, and industry professionals eager to see the looks. Three student designers were awarded for their collections by a panel of notable judges, though all designers that presented deserve recognition. Each collection offered innovative and fabulous pieces guests would have loved to take home to their closets.

West Coast Event Productions has unconditionally enjoyed working with the Art Institute of Portland, and housing the fashion that results from the spectacularly talented students that hone their skills at AI each year. Given the collections witnessed at “Drawing the Line”, future fashion shows are sure to ensue from these young designers, and West Coast welcomes them to show case their collections where it all began, at Pure Space.

To see more fashion from “Drawing the Line”, visit #VerizonStyle on Twitter to see what guests’ tweeted as their favorite looks from the evening.

More from the Fashion Show- 

Portland Fashion Week at “Drawing the Line”

Photos Courtesy of The Art Institute of Portland


New Chic Lounge Products

WCEP debuted several of our newest products at February’s Rocked Bridal Event, hosted by The Nines Hotel. Our design team paired up with Bridal Bliss, Zest Floral and One Divine Party to create an ultra chic room featuring the hottest wedding design trends of 2012.

Thanks to Aralani Photography for the beautiful images of the event.

New Products & Trends:

6′ Mirrored Panel Bar – A favorite trend this season.
Steel Frame and Glass Etagère – A sleek alter or bar-back display.
White Leather Circular Ottomans – A lightweight and clean-lined option for lounge seating.
Colorful Ikat-Patterned Accent Pieces – Eye-Catching runners and pillows.
Head Table Mixed Seating – An eclectic mix of sofas and chairs.

Mirrored Panel Bar


Ikat Pillows

Ultra Lounge Furniture

Shaka Sound Joins WCEP

Dave CraftWe are pleased to announce that Dave Craft, former owner and General Manager of Shaka Sound, has joined our team, bringing over 30 years of experience in the sound reinforcement field to WCEP.

As Technical Services Department Manager, Dave will oversee event sound, lighting and A/V services. The addition of Shaka Sound’s state-of-the-art equipment to our inventory includes:

  • World class JBL Vertec Line Array Concert Sound System
    – As the only company in Oregon and SW Washington with this system, WCEP can effortlessly provide concert level sound for up to 7,000 seats at indoor & outdoor venues.
  • Award-winning JBL Mini Line Array Speakers
    – With the largest stock in Oregon, these touring grade speakers can be flown in an array or used individually on stands.
  • Professional grade mixing consoles ranging from 4 to 48 channels
  • Touring grade high power Crown ITech amplifiers

WCEP now has the ability to meet the sound system requirements for any client at any size event. Read more about our Technical Services.

WCEP Discount Coupon at Soiree Boutique This Week

Join WCEP at this month’s Soirée Boutique Party:

Wednesday, April 20
5:00pm to 8:00pm
7080 SE 16th Avenue | Portland, OR 97202

Stop by for wine and beer, and a complimentary gift bag with discounts from Boutique vendors. WCEP will be giving away 15% off linen rentals.

Click here for more about Soirée Boutique.

We’ve Moved!

WCEP is thrilled to introduce our new waterfront location:

1466 N.W. Naito Parkway
Portland, OR 97209
(Map & Directions)

We have consolidated three warehouses into one space that will also be the site of our new showroom and sales offices, bringing all staff and equipment together under one roof.